Friday one of the local OCR race organisers Waterra, held a night race here in Pietermaritzburg, my hometown. I like to try and support local race organisers, so I decided to go race the 5km OCR race midway through my work day Friday and was very happy I took the time to go, as I was pleasantly surprised at the well organised, fun event.

The event was at the UKZN sports grounds, and the course was a figure of 8 loop, with about 15 obstacles, and quick little running sections in-between. The race attracted a lot of local athletes from different OCR and cross fit boxes, their families and friends. It was well supported and very beginner friendly as well as spectator friendly. The obstacle where fun but still challenging enough to keep it interesting.

The running part as well as the last rope swing obstacle being the hardest of the lot.

Because of my frantic day, I was not quite sure how my legs would manage but I was pleasantly surprised that they moved swiftly enough to take the lead in the ladies race early on and I had to just push hard to get to the final obstacle with some time to spare so that if I do end up failing on the first attempt I would have some time to try again.

The obstacles included some hurdles, slack line walks, sand and grass leopard crawl, tyre dragging and sandbag lift, and a few others. 

The final obstacle was the Tarzan rope/pole swings and it consisted of 3 ropes and 4 little poles that you had to swing through, while the spectators and rest of the athletes where on looking on the pavilion. 

The cheers and motivations definitely helped me get through so thank you for all the support!!

Well done to everyone who tried and attempted the final obstacle multiple times, failing multiple times, but still kept on trying, you guys are the true champs!
Till next time!

Report Credit : Carla van Huyssteen and Navarest Team
Photo Credits: Besnapped

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