What a fantastic race. The organisers listened to the complaints from last year, and totally outdid themselves today.

This race was a lap format where the 15km guys had to do 3 laps of a 5km route. That gave us a total of +-75 obstacles. With a massively dense middle section which included heavy carries and tough obstacles, I knew it was going to be a hard race.

Doubt is a cruel cruel emotion and starting the year off with injuries and sickness didn’t help to keep that blasted emotion at bay… I’m not where I was last year, I’m not fast enough, I haven’t done enough track sessions etc, etc.

Starting the race today I was feeling really good and ready. Toeing the start line with friends but also damn good athletes, I knew I was going to have to work hard, get the head in the game and push through the hurt.

The gun went and we were off. First obstacle was a 15m crawl and I still can’t believe how Tom Basson managed to get through it so quickly. Benjamin Gifford called him the man with legs for arms, and that’s my only explanation. He was out the end before the rest of us were half way. Mitch Emanuel then said game on and ran like the wind. This is some one we are all looking out for as he has only just started OCR but is definitely someone to watch for the future. I tried my best to not let him get away from me and managed to hang on.

Coming into the end of our first lap, I found myself in the lead with one obstacle left to complete. I got on it the first time and came off. Nigel Tonkin who was hot on my heels saw the opportunity and pounced. He got through first time and the race was on. I fought hard and managed to catch him just before the main obstacle /carry section. I finished the second lap in first and learning from my first round, made it though without a problem. Last lap I knew I still had to keep pushing and really dug deep to try and pull a gap and give myself some breathing room.

I was really happy to take the win and get on the podium again today.

Thank you to the AOT family and sponsors for always being so awesome and for all of your support.

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