I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Waterra OCR Cascades Waterra OCR and Trail Run is one of the best obstacle races in the country. Fantastic/tough obstacles, heavy carries, amazing trails, great vibe, and well organised! Well done guys!

Yesterday’s race was a 3-lap, 15km course, with 75+ obstacles! A lapped race is always a mental game because you finish the first lap exhausted, and know that you have to do it all over again – twice! I started off strong, taking the lead from the crawl, and held it for the first few kilometres, but eventually the speedy Mitch Emanuel and James Meredith hunted me down and overtook me. I managed to hang on and move through the obstacle-dense middle section of the race and make up some time, and then dug deep for the last two laps. Stoked to have ended up third behind two phenomenal athletes. Nigel Tonkin.

Also loved watching my boy, Will, race in the 5km event, even though he was dissapointed they wouldnt let him do all the “adult” obstacles! 😜

To my #AOTfamily – you guys are the best. To coaches Claude Eksteen & Trish Eksteen – thank you for all your input and love, and to my amazing sponsors for allowing me to do what I love!

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