Below you will find a collection of videos published from past Waterra Events that are teasers, event highlights as well as some videos from competitors who have taken part in our event.

Cascades Waterra Challenge 2018

Obstacles, streams, rapids, rivers, tunnels, tarpaulins, monkey bars and much more made for an incredible fun day out as athlete tackled the 5km OCR course, held at Cascades Lifestyle Centre in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa.

Waterra November 2018 – Harambe Rig

Waterra Final – Heroes for a Day

The Elite athletes test their skills, strength and endurance against the obstacles, both natural and man-made, at the Waterra OCR Final for 2017, which include a section through a working game farm, Phezulu – the first for an OCR event.

Build up to the Waterra Final 2017 through Phezulu Safari Park.

Athletes ventured through a working game farm in the first ever OCR event through the Phezulu Safari Park, over crocodile pits and through African trails. So spectacular to be part of.

Waterra #3 – 2nd September 2017

Athletes enjoy the challenge set for them over various distances, to reach the finish line of Waterra #3, part of the 2017 Waterra Series, with the finale on the 4th Nov 2017 being the showdown of the year

Waterra OCR Event #1 2017

Competitors revelled in the mud, in the challenge and in the thrill of making it to the finish line of a challenge which will live in their minds for a long time.

Waterra OCR | Team Build : Hillcrest Villagers Rugby Club

We took the Team from Hillcrest Villagers Rugby Club, out onto the Heroes for a Day course for a morning Team Build. These were just some of the obstacle’s they tackled!

Event Highlights from our First Waterra Event from 2016.

Youtube video from Arjen Frick

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